Our Books

With the help of Lešonayḏi’s books, it is possible to get young children eager to learn the basics of reading and speaking Aramaic. Through bright colors, interesting objects and animals we hope children will learn the language and have fun doing so.

Lešonayḏi has published three books in the summer of 2019. The titles are: Bonina aḥ ḥaywoṯo (Let’s count the animals),Yëlfina ag gawne (Let’s learn the colors) and Xabre saqubloye (Contradicting words). All three books are written in Aramaic and Surayt alphabet. People that are unable to read the Aramaic alphabet, can still learn the Aramaic words and teach their children this way. To learn how to pronounce some of the Surayt characters click here or here.

How To Buy?

The three books are sold together in one set for €20 (delivery costs not included).

Sales and collection points

A need has arisen for points of sale and collection points at various locations and countries. That is why we have created the following locations.

The Netherlands:

Oldenzaal: Point of sale and collection point: 6DA4 Phone service. Address and opening times see: 6DA4 Contact page

Syrian Orthodox Monastery St Ephrem. Point of sale: Gift shop, Glanerbrugstraat 33, 7585 PK Glane, Contact person Robert Aktan +31 6 39326795.

Enschede: Point of sale: Boekhandel David. Beltstraat 45, Enschede, +31 53 4323363


Örebro (Contact information on request via email)

Gothenburg (Contact information on request via email)

Our Language

Lešonayḏi means my language in Aramaic. The Aramaic language is a very old Semitic language that used to be the Lingua Franca of the Middle East. Many chapters of the Bible were written in Aramaic and even Jesus spoke this language. Nowadays, people that speak Aramaic are living in diaspora, scattered all over the world. Those people speak mostly Neo-Aramaic also known as Turoyo/Suryoyo/Surayt.

About Us

I am Helane Numansen-Mutlu, born in Tur Abdin and currently living in the Netherlands. Since I became a grandmother, I realized how important it is to teach my grandchildren our Aramaic language. My own children spoke Aramaic with their grandparents, but the generation of my grandchildren have grandparents that can fluently speak Dutch/Swedish/German/French etc. Therefore I started Lešonayḏi. My purpose is to teach our children, all over the world, our language in a very playful and fun way.


For more information and questions contact us.
E-mail: info@lesonaydi.com